At Eoan, we have classified support into Pre-Sales Support and Post-Sales Support. Either of them are attended with the same interest and enthusiasm.

New applications and software’s are flooding the market everyday. All these would require more storage and would also be memory hungry. It would be impossible for an end-user to buy new computers at this pace. This is the time when, they look out for an alternative, ….UPGRADE ..Yes, that it!!!. The more the primary and secondary storage space, the quicker his computer works. Eoan gives TOTAL SOLUTIONS for end-users primary and secondary storage upgrade requirements.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking out for an upgrade.
The Memory holds the instructions for the processor and the data that those instructions work with. This makes system memory an important part of the main processing subsystem of the PC, tied in with the processor, cache, motherboard and chipset.
There are various parameters on which a memory module has to be manufactured for a specific board on which it’s going to reside.

At Eoan, we study the environment before building the module, so that it is Formed up specifically and Functions accurately. Further more, each module is designed to Fit precisely on the computers motherboard. Each module that rolls out of Eoan, is custom build for a specific computer. Part numbers specified by the OEM identifies these modules.

What makes us different is we study your requirement then, provide you with value for money computer specific upgrade solutions which are warranted a lifetime.

This unique approach towards manufacturing has kept us apart from the crowd.
Eoan’s engineers would be happy to help you through the optimum configuration process

On purchase of an Eoan Solution, we understand the importance of our customer and their product. As a specialist in memory upgrades, we would be glad to work with you for the many years to come...

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